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I’ve been delivering coaching and training sessions online for several years now, working with teams and individuals around the world over platforms including Zoom, Microsoft Teams and Skype. Delivering online allows me to work quickly and easily with clients wherever they are, especially at short notice when the need for ‘up-skilling’ is urgent or when they’ve wanted a ‘top up’ or final rehearsal before a presentation or media interview.

Most of my training and coaching, including public speaking coaching, media interview coaching and compere coaching can be delivered via Zoom or similar platforms but I also offer a couple of sessions specifically dealing with the online world. These sessions can be delivered from my desk via a webcam (especially suitable for one-to-one coaching) or keynote-style from a professional studio.

Effective online presenting

As more conferences, events and meetings move online, more of us are being asked to present via our laptops or webcams. Presenting online IS different to presenting to a room full of people and yet many make the mistake of trying to deliver their regular ‘live’ presentation to an online audience, then wonder why it didn’t have the impact or result they hoped.

I can work with you or your team on how to deliver brilliantly online. From having the correct set-up on your desk to working with slides that some people may only be viewing on a phone screen, there are a range of topics that needed to be considered before you ‘go live’. Online presenting needs more energy, for example, and you need to carefully consider how you’re going to engage your audience and interact with them – a 45 minute keynote with you just talking to slides or to camera really isn’t going to hold their attention.

I can help you to write, hone and rehearse your presentation, ensuring you understand the platform technology you’ll be using and how to cope when things don’t go quite according to plan.

Online Media Interviews

There have been some amazing opportunities for all sorts of experts, industry leaders, business people and consumers to get their voices heard in the media recently – and all delivered via Zoom, Skype or the like.

We’ve all seen some disastrous online media interviews – from children, pets or postmen interrupting to interviewees who can’t hear the questions (and even if they can hear them, not knowing how to answer them). Just because you’re answering a journalist’s questions from home or your office, you need to be just as prepared, if not more so, than if you were sat in a studio.

I’ll work with you on everything from your technical set-up, background and lighting to honing your key messages, developing and practicing sound-bites and delivering straight to camera with confidence. We’ll run a number of mock interviews, some of which we’ll record and play back to critique and improve. We’ll work on your speech patterns, body language and eye contact and ensure you come across as knowledgeable, confident and with gravitas.

Working and communicating with a remote team & running effective online meetings

Many corporate teams are now working ‘remotely’ (a.k.a. from home) for the first time and their leaders are struggling with how to communicate with them and engender a sense of team spirit and camaraderie as well as ensure that deadlines and targets are being met.

I work with those in leadership roles to help them employ best practice in communicating with their dispersed workforce. We’ll work on what channels and tech your team have available to them and how much you should enforce a ‘cameras on’ rule. We’ll look at the importance of ‘small talk’ as part of connecting with an audience, removing distractions (for you and for your team) and the need to choose the right language when delivering virtually.

We can also look at running effective online meetings, ensuring everyone stays engaged and that meetings are productive. We’ll look at setting effective agendas, the role of chairing the meeting, ensuring everyone has their say and how to bring about consensus and action despite the team not being in the same room (or even in the same country).

If you’re struggling to run a cohesive, productive team while everyone is working in their front rooms, I can help you put strategies in place to ensure they – and you – are working together, towards a shared goal.

If you’d like to book one of the above sessions, or would like to discuss a bespoke session for you or your team, get in touch.



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