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Meet Your Host: Coaching for comperes and MCs

One-to-one coaching for those acting as an event compere, host or MC (emcee) or those chairing panels and sessions at conferences.

Have you been asked to compere or host an event? Perhaps it’s an internal meeting or Town Hall, or a client-facing or public conference or event. Compering or hosting is a very different skill to public speaking and takes preparation and practice to make it look professional. The compere or Chair sets the tone of the whole event and can make or break an event. Too many business leaders put themselves forward for hosting roles without the skills to make a success of it – and end up damaging their business’s – and their own – reputation.

I work as a compere coach to help those undertaking this demanding (but rewarding) role. Coaching sessions will be developed in response to your specific needs for your event but will often include:

  • Understanding the nature and tone of the event to ensure you can enhance it as host
  • Developing a compere ‘script’ so you know what to say, when
  • Using appropriate humour to connect with your audience
  • Working with speakers, technicians and event organisers
  • Introducing people – and writing or editing their introductions for them when necessary
  • Chairing panels, Q&A sessions etc to ensure everyone gets heard and the audience get value
  • Hosting awards, auctions and other ‘formatted’ events
  • Dealing with the unexpected and ‘filling’ on stage when things don’t happen as planned
  • How comperes often end up acting as stage manager, director or even producer as well as host.
  • Using your voice and body to bring energy to a room, make your audience relax and (perhaps most importantly) do what you tell them to do at the requisite moments!




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