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I act as a critical friend to successful and forward thinking business leaders who want to make sure they are communicating and engaging effectively – every time.


The Let’s Get Engaged Communications Review

This signature product is often purchased as part of a package with the Let’s Get Engaged Keynote or Masterclass, but is also a valuable exercise for any business that is struggling to engage with vital audiences.

Do you feel like you’re constantly communicating with your customers or staff but never engaging – and never seeing the actions or results you need?

I can undertake a thorough review of your internal and external communication – what’s working and what’s not. What messages are you trying to put out, to whom and via what channels? Are you saying the right things to the right people to have the effect or cause the action you want?

Once we’ve identified the strengths and weaknesses I’ll work with you to replace your communications strategy with an engagement strategy – a plan to engage with your different audiences in ways that will trigger the right responses.


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What do you do? Communicating what your business can do for me

Many business leaders and employees struggle to express what they and their business actually do for their clients. They cannot answer the seemingly innocuous question ‘What do you do?’ without going into a long-winded explanation of the services they offer, whether they’re relevant to the questioner or not.

By interviewing you, your team and (perhaps most importantly) your customers, I’ll help you define your core messages and language and look at the different contexts in which they have to be used – networking, the elevator pitch, pitching for business, public speaking etc. I’ll then train the right people in your business to deliver those messages in the right way.


Business Communication Mentor

I work as a mentor to select business leaders who want to hone, enhance and perfect all aspects of their communications. This can include being available to offer crisis advice and support on pitches, presentations or public speaking engagements; developing a singular and distinctive voice across relevant social media platforms; preparing for media interviews and positioning as a media expert; internal communication issues; resolving communication issues with clients, partners or suppliers and advising on day to day business communications such as marketing, online content, PR, running effective meetings and incorporating new communication technologies into businesses.


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