Take the stage:  one-to-one public speaking coaching

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Take the stage: Speaker coaching

One to one coaching – from half day to 12 month programmes

I work with business leaders and other individuals to ensure they are confident, authoritative and engaging when speaking or presenting in public. I can offer you short-term, intensive coaching for a specific speech or event, or longer-term coaching to equip you with the skills you need to start and then improve your speaking then work with you to prepare for speaking opportunities as they arise.

Coaching programmes are designed to meet the needs of the individual, with content and goals agreed at the beginning of the programme but will probably include:

  • Writing and structuring speeches
  • Setting objectives for yourself and your audience
  • Rehearsing your speeches
  • Filming and critiquing your speeches
  • Body language and posture on stage
  • Vocal tone and projection
  • Using professional, engaging slides and other visual aids
  • Delivering figures and data
  • Delivering bad news
  • Presenting in a crisis
  • Getting gigs in front of the right audience for your business


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