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James Victore’s presentation called – You Only Have Teachers

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Do you enjoy watching great speeches, hearing great speakers and grasping great ideas? Do you want to get better at public speaking by learning from some of the best? Then welcome to Speech Club.

It’s like a book club, only we watch and listen to speeches rather than read books! From classic political speeches to TED talks, we enjoy a wide range of speeches – different topics, styles and structures. Some are world famous, some will be completely new. We examine what works, why it works and what we can take away. We also look at what doesn’t work, what could have been done differently and what we could apply to our own public speaking. 

Each month’s speech is publicised in advance so you have a chance to watch beforehand if you wish – or save it for Speech Club night! We watch the speech during the hour-long session then Steve Bustin leads the critique and discussion and invites participants to give their views. 

It’s not training or coaching, just an opportunity to enjoy watching some of the best speeches of our times and learn from some of the best speakers past and present, facilitated by a top public speaking coach, award-winning speaker and Immediate Past President of The Professional Speaking Association. 

Speech Club takes place on the last Wednesday of every month, 6pm-7pm and tickets are free but booking is necessary to get the Zoom link. 

Next event: Wednesday 26th June at 6pm

James Victore’s presentation called – You Only Have Teachers

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