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I.5 day course with pre-research to ensure your pitches are perfect

Most businesses have to pitch to win clients. Are your pitches at the cutting edge of creativity? Are they memorable, making you stand out from the competition – for the right reasons?

This product includes two elements:

Pre-Research: I’ll talk to your clients (ie pitches you’ve won) and, ideally, to those who held pitches you didn’t win, to conduct an audit of what’s working – and what’s not. Are your competitors over-taking you? What are they doing that you’re not?

This will then inform:

Training Day

We’ll deconstruct your recent pitches – the content, the people, the presentation and the result. We’ll look at the feedback from the research phase. This process can also be applied to ‘stock’ pitches or presentations (eg credentials presentations).

We’ll then work on building something new, something better. This will be tailored to your company and team but may include:

  • Personal presentation styles
  • Presenting in a team
  • Visual aids, props, slides etc
  • Using technology
  • Storytelling
  • Presenting data and figures

Review (half day)

1-2 weeks after the training day we’ll re-convene to see your newly crafted pitch presentation. Does it address the problems identified during the research and training? How can we make it better. We’ll run it two or three times during the session, addressing content, presentation style and technical issues to make sure it’s flawless before being put in front of a client or prospect.


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