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26th January 2021

Tips for communicating with your dispersed team: Do something different

If you’re just doing the same thing week after week, day after day, always sending the same notices and using the same channels, people may start to ignore it.  To avoid your team getting stuck in a rut, why not try and change things up a bit?  It keeps it fresh for your team and will help your communication stay effective.

Look and think about what you could change – if you do an end of week email with a Roundup, could you do that face to face?  Do it on camera, send a video?   If you are constantly having meetings on zoom, you could change the host.  Maybe each time you have a meeting, another member of the team hosts that meeting and they call on who speaks and who’s going to present.  It should include the most junior people seem right up to most senior.  This is a great way for people to get to know their colleagues, and for them to raise their profile within the team.  It also gives people that sense of responsibility, that every now and again this meeting is in their control.

Other types of communication that are exchanged often, such as emails, could also be mixed up with a bit of personality. Maybe add an image or GIF or even a video to liven up an email or message and make it stand out. This will continue to encourage people to engage with what you’re saying.




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