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23rd September 2021

Joanne Simmons, Libraries Services Manager, Business & IP Centre, Brighton & Hove

Ever since a bad experience at University, when I pretty much froze in front of an audience, I’ve disliked presenting. Over the past 25 years the inevitable has happened and I’ve had to face those fears, albeit with much trepidation. Following a recommendation, I invited Steve to run a business presentation workshop for the BIPC team. I knew that there were varying levels of skills and confidence across the team and they weren’t very enamoured with the thought of a presentation workshop. However, Steve delivered a workshop that was memorable, genuinely fun and had the added bonus that it was also a good team bonding experience. One thing that really stood out was Steve’s ability to give constructive and tailored feedback to the team. I also felt the day was clearly structured and key points were emphasised. Ok I still don’t love it and there’s still plenty of room for improvement, but thanks to Steve’s help, I’m more likely to deliver a presentation an audience will want to hear. I also have some handy tips to create content, better structure a presentation, warm my up my body and voice and hopefully avoid ‘Death by PowerPoint’!

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