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19th January 2023

George Chiesa, Think Differently

I have known Steven for many years, having met him initially at the Professional Speakers Association in UK. He’s the goto-person for training, mentoring and coaching, of speakers of all experiences and calibers… and… he’s also the goto-person for that elusive soft 7th habit of “sharpening the saw”: Steven’s Speech Club is probably the best source of this continuous improvement (kaizen) of the art of public speaking, where each month, a public speech by a public figure, is watched and studied in private by the attendees as pre-event homework, and then… in the magic hour of the club meeting itself, the techniques used are analysed, dissected, studied and commented, in such a way that each of the members has at the end of the meeting, learnt from Steven’s cohort experience, augmented and made even more palatable by Steven’s ubermaster orchestration skills. In summary, an unmissable monthly event.

Posted: 19th January 2023 by Steve Bustin Back to Useful Stuff

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