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3rd May 2019

What makes a good presentation?

What constitutes a good presentation?

Everyone will have their own specific likes and dislikes, but common responses to this question include:

  • Interesting content
  • Useful content
  • Entertaining or engaging
  • Relevant to me
  • Easy voice to listen to
  • Confident presenter
  • Good stage presence
  • Great slides
  • No slides
  • Short/succinct – no padding

Ask people what constitutes a bad presentation and the list can go on for days, but the responses that tend to top the list include:

  • Dull
  • Not relevant
  • Too long
  • Death by PowerPoint
  • Nervous presenter
  • No structure, hard to follow
  • No obvious takeaways
  • Starts with an apology – and goes downhill from there

What’s interesting is that the first list is predominantly about the audience and what they wanted to get out of it: ‘I found it useful’, ‘I found it relevant’, ‘I liked the slides’. The ‘bad’ list, however, errs more towards the presenter and their material or style: dull, nervous, no takeaways and so on.

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