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18th May 2016

Tool up: Improve your web cam with iGlasses

We all know that video is a great way to engage and many of us now do significant amounts of work via webcam, be it on Skype, Facetime or webinar software. Now you can take control of your webcam.

I love this desktop app as it allows me to adjust the shot coming from my webcam. It rather sells itself on the quirky (for which read: annoying to anyone other than a 12 year old) effects you can add to your camera (although I’ll admit I quite like ‘dizzy’), but the really useful stuff is the ability to tweak the quality of the shot from what is otherwise a completely non-adjustable camera – you can adjust the colour, sharpness, contrast etc, and it really helps when you’re using the camera in less than ideal lighting conditions.

You can try it free for a week and it’s only $19.95 (about £14) to buy.

Download it from

Posted: 18th May 2016 by Steve Bustin Back to Useful Stuff

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