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19th November 2020

Tips for communicating with your dispersed team: Do they have the correct kit and skills to communicate effectively?

Make sure that everyone in your team has got kit that can cope with them communicating in the way that you want them to be able to communicate. Ensure they have laptops or tablets that are powerful enough to cope with Zoom, for example, which is becoming a much bigger and more processor heavy software with every single weekly update. If necessary, particularly for people who are working at home, supply them with a mic, or some lights.

The other important thing I’d really suggest you do is to supply your team with training. Make sure they have been properly trained on how to use the software. Packages such as Teams or Zoom actually have quite steep learning curves if you haven’t used them much, particularly if you’re hosting meetings. It’s essential that people know how to use the software to its maximum advantage because quite frankly, you’re paying for it.

Furthermore, make sure your staff have had the training and coaching that they need in how to present online, particularly if they’re talking to clients. This is especially true if they are representing the organisation to try to bring new business into you. Make sure they have had the correct online presenting training, as just because they’ve had presentation skills coaching doesn’t mean that they can make the switch into online presenting easily. It’s quite a different skill set because clearly there’s no feedback from an audience. One of the things I do is coach people on how to present online, so let me know if you want more details on that.

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