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24th September 2019

Zoe Gray – Advocacy Manager, International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness

As an advocacy and influencing professional in international development, I have undertaken a considerable amount of chairing, training, and also presenting in my career with a range of different stakeholders. However, I felt that I was in need of guidance to be more tailored, update my skills, and raise my game to the next level. I sought out Steve Bustin to receive high quality one-to-one coaching, for a more diagnostic approach. The training sessions were extremely impressive and interesting, with Steve understanding and responding very well to what I needed. They were crammed full of useful information and titbits. With his support I crafted a presentation on assistive technology, which I delivered at the World Health Organisation in Geneva. Many people came up to me after the presentation with feedback around the effectiveness of my opening statistics and delivery, how engaging and interesting they found the presentation, and concurring with the key messages that I delivered. Without doubt my confidence and delivery were considerably sharpened thanks to Steve.

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