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13th October 2020

Rikki Arundel, Diversity Expert

In October 2019 Steve became President of the UK Professional Speaking Association (PSA) and he already had well advanced plans for a Speaking Summit – plans that had no back up in the event of an international pandemic. In April he decided to scrap the plan and take everything online. That week long event has just finished and I have to say, as the founding President of the PSA, that was one of the best events I have ever attended on or offline. Steve inspired his PSA team to literally set the bar in online events. On Sunday I felt as if I had just returned from a week long event, even though it had all happened in my dining room. Leadership is not one of the skills Steve asked to be endorsed in – that reflects his humility as a great leader. If you have an online event and Steve is involved in any way, expect great things.

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