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29th January 2020

Martin Riley, Business and Leadership Coach, The Business Jet Engine

I’ve known Steve for over 10 years. In that time, I’ve developed the greatest admiration for his skill as a speaker, communicator and coach. 
He has that natural ability to build your confidence but also highlight where to improve. He’s just given me a series of invaluable suggestions to enhance my Business Jet Engine workshop that I would otherwise have missed, which cover how to: 
1) make better use of time to get more done 
2) amplify the concept/metaphor I use 
3) simplify a workshop exercise 
4) create a stronger call to action 
5) follow-up on an opportunity I hadn’t seen 
These will be extremely easy to apply! If only it was that easy to analyse yourself and make such improvements every time… So for those career making or breaking presentations, that’s why we all need a coach like Steve! 

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