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16th April 2020

Lisa Kerr, Consulting With Kerr

I attended two webinars hosted by Steve last week. The first was a training session Steve delivered on how to appear professional in online presentations – really useful hints and tips on taking Zoom to the next level. His background and experience in professional journalism and public speaking shone through and I’ve made lots of adjustments to my home office setup as a result of this training session. The second session was a panel event hosted by Platf9rm, with 10 speakers and around 200 participants connected via Zoom and live-streaming on You Tube at the same time. Steve co-hosted brilliantly, keeping the discussion moving and passing audience questions to the appropriate panel members. With the Zoom chat box and Q&A box to monitor and the Platf9rm team relaying additional messages from the You Tube feed via WhatsApp, only a skilled host like Steve could have made this appear so effortless.

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