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3rd November 2021

Charlie Whyman, OTTERly Effective B2B Marketing Strategist

I’m only mid-way through Steve’s Critique Club right now however I need to write this because of how much an impact it’s had on me so far.

If you want to become a better speaker then stop reading this and book a spot on the next cohort. Not only do you get a monthly session with rich discussions, supportive and useful critiques but you learn lots that can be easily implemented.

My one-to-one with Steve resulted in the best keynote I’ve delivered to date which gave me two recommendations from peers telling me I was the best marketing speaker they have seen in years – a tough crowd too! The best part is that I’m just getting started.

Bring on the next 3 months and if you want to see how much this programme has helped me – just come and see me speak next 😉

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