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25th May 2022

Amy Rowlinson, Life Purpose Strategist and Host, Focus on Why podcast

I joined Critique Club with one clear intention; the confidence to not rely on a written script when speaking.

Coming out of the programme six months later, I had gained much more than this singular confidence. Steve pushed me well out of my comfort zone to be very comfortable to speak off the cuff and off-script whenever needed and to become a much better all round professional speaker.

I really enjoyed the group dynamic, the individual and group exercises and the 1:1 sessions solidified all the skills I’d acquired throughout the duration of the programme.

Steve masterfully guided the whole of our cohort always ensuring that each of our specific needs were met in each session.

If you want to take your speaking skills to the next level or if you want to get your voice heard, then I would highly recommend Critique Club to you.

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