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9th November 2021

Aaron Phipps, Paralympic Wheelchair Rugby Gold Medallist 2021

When I was asked to deliver a brand new keynote, I knew I needed help to write it, rehearse it and make it as good as it could be. Once we’d won the gold medal I knew I had an even better story to tell but wasn’t sure how to tell it to entertain and inspire an audience. Working with Steve gave me all that and more. Not only did he help me find the best way to tell the story of our journey to Gold, he helped me introduce the drama, humour and messages to keep the audience with me from start to finish. He told me honestly which bits worked, which bits needed more work and which bits to drop altogether. I’ve had nothing but positive feedback on the keynote Steve helped me to create and polish and he’s given me real confidence to deliver it in front of any audience.

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